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Digitex Futures (DGTX) and chain(CRO) sees a major uptrend

At present, the whole cryptocurrency market is surrounded by the bears. All top 10 coins are now in the red, but leading cryptocurrencies in terms of losses were Cardano (ADA) decreased by -4.38% to $0.069003, Ethereum (ETH) downtrend by  -4.76% to $156.36. Even stellar (XLM) was down with a -4.89% dip to $0.099188.

Only few altcoins are gaining momentum and growing with a bullish trend. Digitex Futures and chain are reporting interesting movements at the time of writing.

Digitex Futures

According to coinmarketcap, the DGTX coin has increased 13.02% against USD and trading at $0.095016 USD. Also, in term of DGTX/BTC  and DGTX/ETH the price surged up to 16.07% and 18.82% with trading value 0.00007304 BTC and 0.00060772 ETH .

At present, the coin is ranking in 73rd position, holding market cap $71,364,951  with $1,683,493 USD 24 hour volume and $1,683,493 USD circulating supply.

At present, Digitex Bitcoin Futures Exchange is ready to Launch on April 30th, Moreover it seems to Compete with Rival BitMEX.

Adam Todd, CEO at the upcoming zero-commission cryptocurrency futures trading platform Digitex, claims that he admires BitMEX and that he “really” wants to take them down. Moreover, he also says that the cryptocurrency market has bottomed and has been well oversold. chain

According to coinmarketcap, the chain price has increased 3.76% against USD and trading at $0.073797 USD. Also, in term of CRO/BTC  and CRO/ETH the price surged up to 6.16% and 8.94% with trading value 0.00001392 BTC and 0.00047189 ETH.

At present, the coin is ranking in 23rd position, holding market cap $387,010,679 USD with $546,375 USD  24 hour volume and 5,244,292,237 CRO circulating supply.

Many coins are showing baby steps and  showing some signs of a rebound, what’s your view. Will the crypto coins recover? Or will this push us back into crypto winter?

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