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4 Australian Podcasts for Your Commute

If you’re into true crime try …

“Wrong Skin”

On the face of it, “Wrong Skin” is about an unsolved death and a missing persons case in the Kimberley, a stunning region in Australia’s northwestern corner. But it’s also a look into a forbidden relationship and the cultural values of Aboriginal Australians in a less populated part of the country. Richard Baker, an investigative reporter with The Age, goes back to the wet season of 1994, when Richard Milgin and Julie Buck, two young lovers, disappeared from the community of Looma. Only Ms. Buck’s body was found, months later.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander listeners are warned that the podcast contains names, images and audio of people who have passed away.

Where to start: Episode 1: Richard and Julie

If you’re a news junkie try …


If you’re enjoying the New York Times podcast “The Daily,” “7am,” which follows a similar format but for Australian news of the day, is a perfect complement. Created by Schwartz Media, which publishes The Monthly and The Saturday Paper, the show is hosted by Elizabeth Kulas, an Australian journalist who talks to some of the country’s leading reporters to explain the day’s news from Australia and around the world. I’d recommend this one for your morning commute.

Where to start: Anywhere!

If you’re into pop culture try …


Zara McDonald and Michelle Andrew are two Melbourne journalists who go deep on the ‘stupid stuff,’ with plenty of banter along the way. It’s a fun one for pop aficionados, its feels like chiming into a conversation between two very up-to-date friends. But as with all great pop culture discussion, “Shameless” taps into bigger themes that hide beneath and how a zeitgeist can change the way we think.

Where to start: Complicated celebrity comebacks

If you want a deep dive try …


Who are you? What do you believe in? Do you live your life by a philosophy? Every week, the writer and comedian Wil Anderson spends an hour or so in the company of an interesting person with a simple objective: to uncover how that person lives their life. If you’re incessantly curious about the things that govern people’s decisions, this is a podcast for you. The answers are often intimate, funny and might just prompt some reflection.

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