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9 Cryptocurrency Companies to Watch for in 2019

It almost seems like an agreed upon the opinion that 2019 will be a very good year for cryptocurrencies, possibly even the biggest year for blockchain development. Be that as it may, even if won’t be as “bad” as 2018, the new year will definitely bring with it various climate changes and new challenges to overcome.

From a speculative investor’s point of view, it might seem difficult to decide on what projects to follow or invest in. To help out potential investors have a head start in 2019, Forbes recently launched a list with nine cryptocurrency companies worth watching in 2019.

The list includes crypto projects and companies that promise to move the blockchain field forward through creative and aggressive innovation.


Qtum is a very interesting crypto project that incorporates the best parts of both Bitcoin and Ethereum. It’s been a very good year for Qtum and, thus, the project’s popularity is on the rise as it’s currently being listed by multiple major exchanges such as Kraken and Poloniex.

Not only that, but the company recently released an x86 virtual machine which allows developers to code in any language (Ethereum requires developers to learn its in-house language called Solidity).

Furthermore, it integrates SegWit by default which ensures that the platform has outstanding interoperability with the Lightning Network. This translates into faster, cheaper, and more direct transactions ACROSS blockchains. 2019 will probably be an even better for Qtum as it prepares to launch QtumX which will boost more adoption of blockchain for big companies.


Tron is another project that boasts great accomplishments in 2018 one of which is the acquisition of BitTorrent. With the launch of Project Atlas, Tron has ensured its place among the greats of the industry and is currently one of the largest decentralized networks in the world.

Tron is a project that’s all about revolutionizing the content creation and distribution industry. The project will have even more presence in the mainstream in 2019 as more and more people will switch to a tokenized content subscription model which makes today’s alternative seem very outdated.


Aelf is definitely not what most people would call a very popular crypto project. Be that as it may, this project has very high goals – that of making blockchains more usable in real life, as well as increasing the adoption rate of blockchains in the business industry. The most beneficial for the future of Aelf is the fact that it does not have any type of scalability problems (something that cannot be said for Bitcoin and Ethereum). Aelf’s underpinnings are so impressive that the platform can already support 15,000 transactions per second.


Veridium is one of the most interest projects the blockchain world has ever seen in the last few years. The project’s main goal is to provide tokenized carbon offset solutions to enterprises, thus helping bring down or eliminate carbon emissions related to the blockchain industry.

Since environmental sustainability and blockchain will most definitely be important topics in 2019, it’s not far-fetched to assume that Veridium will do very good in 2019. To make its goal even more relevant, the company managed to strike a deal with IBM, one the most important tech giants.


Caspian is a blockchain-based company renowned for offering unique and high functional solutions management tools for investors. The company’s product is a blockchain-based, end-to-end fund management dashboard that allows investors to build and control their funds, to allocate assets, rebalance portfolios, execute orders, and connect with major exchanges.

The company has already signed a very good deal with Coinbase to deliver its solution directly to the general public which is sure to make the project even more valuable throughout 2019.


Devery aims to become the de-facto solution for luxury brands that want to protect their reputation. The company allows luxury goods buyers to purchase blockchain-verified luxury goods. In short, Devery provides transparency for commercial luxury markets on the authentication and provenance of products by harnessing everything that makes blockchains unique and useful.

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It’s almost common knowledge that blockchains have already disrupted multiple industries, one of the most important of which is the health industry. MediBloc is a decentralized healthcare data platform that aims to solve the problem of centralized electronic health records and data storage.

In short, it gives the patients full permission over their healthcare data and provides a unique ecosystem that links them with medical institutions, research organizations, and healthcare providers. MediBloc plans to expand its services even more in 2019, which should help the project gain even more value.


Cardstack is a company that has made the concept of “super dApps” a reality. The project aims to create a platform where anyone can bundle multiple apps together. By stacking different dApps (known as “cards”) together, individuals and businesses alike can create tailor-made, blockchain solutions.

Cardstack is a project that not only “supercharges” the power of blockchain, but also makes the blockchain a lot more versatile and will most probably contribute to ensuring great adoption rates of blockchain in 2019.


Even though Virtual Reality is not a new concept in anymore, it hasn’t lost any of its “hotness” during 2018, an aspect clearly demonstrated by the continuous rising of the VR industry all over the globe. CEEK might just write history with is seriously innovative solutions that involve both VR and the use of blockchain. In short, CEEK aims to use crypto tokens to provide users with realistic interactions and transactions but in a virtual universe.

Not only can users attend sports events or watch live music concerts virtually, but they can perform crypto transactions in return of authentic virtual experiences. It might seem a bit SF-related in 2018, but 2019 is a new year, with new possibilities and it might just be a very big one for CEEK.

Final Words

Even though 2018 was an intense year for cryptocurrencies, with lots of ups and downs (mostly downs), there are many who believe that 2019 will be the year that “cryptos will come back.” The truth of the matter is even if they don’t come back, cryptocurrencies are still here to stay. Blockchain will inevitably find its way into more and more aspects of our world, and it the type of projects listed above that have the power to help do that.

At least from a philosophical perspective, this should be reason enough to at least consider them worthy of your investments. However, as usual, this article is a very speculative one, and it’s not recommended to treat it as investment advice.

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