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Amazon turns to Harrison Ford, astronaut twins and more celebs in tease for Alexa Super Bowl ad – GeekWire

Harrison Ford has certainly seen his share of futuristic tech in “Star Wars” and “Blade Runner.” Now he’s dealing with Alexa. (Amazon screen grab)

Amazon stole the Super Bowl advertising show last year with a celebrity-filled spot centered around a storyline in which Alexa loses her voice. Alexa again appears to be the focus this year, and celebrities are back to help hype the voice assistant for Super Bowl LIII.

Amazon revealed four quick videos tied to something called the Amazon Beta Testing Program, “a top secret division which employs celebrities to test Alexa-enabled technologies.”

The celebrities include Harrison Ford, Forest Whitaker, “Broad City” creators Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, and the astronaut twins Scott and Mark Kelly.

The technologies being tested involve such things as “sub-aquatic audio waveform resonance, interspecies language translation, and voice-controlled body de-stressers.”

The videos don’t offer much to go on — Ford simply grunts, “I hate this already.” And there’s no hint as to whether Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos will make a cameo again like he did last year. Amazon just says, “to see more declassified testing footage, tune into the big game on 2.3.19.”

Here are the four videos:

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