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‘Animal Crossing’ wholesomeness is a public service

Twitter has always been hell. But in the age of coronavirus, it’s become a truly unlivable nightmare of devastating (if important) news updates, unending anxiety, and heartbreaking stories. Then, little talking cartoon animals came to save us all.

In the single day since Animal Crossing: New Horizons released on Friday, it’s done the world a great public service by not only making social distancing more manageable for players, but also cleansing our timelines with wholesomeness. Even if you don’t play, all are invited to enjoy the healthy break from pandemic panic with the occasional drop of pure, mundane, slightly baffling joy.

The feature allowing players to visit their friends’ islands has also been a perfect antidote to social-distancing loneliness.

Can’t sleep at night due to anxiety related to COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus? No problem. Just invite hoards of your friends over in the game at 11:55 p.m. to reign utter chaos onto your humble abode.

Couples are even finding ways to go on virtual dates, since IRL dates have been strictly postponed until further notice.

There’s a bit of dark humor, because in the face of a public health crisis, laughter is the best medicine. (Editor’s Note: A vaccine and social distancing are, in fact, the best medicine — but we’ll allow this.)

Some are adding a little edge to the wholesomeness, since we wouldn’t be adults playing a kids video game if we didn’t do our damndest to make its PG content illicit. (Author’s Note: I named my island Tiddy City lol).

So folks, in conclusion, Tom Nook is our savior, Animal Crossing is heaven, and also don’t feel bad about finding much-needed morale-boosting distractions. Both you and your timeline deserve it.

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