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Apple iPhone 11 could feature a controversial change that’s sure to divide opinion

There’s just a few months to go until Apple reveals its next-generation of iPhones.

If previous years are anything to go by, the big unveiling should take place this September with rumours already rife about what might feature in this update.

Alleged leaks have shown how the iPhone 11 could feature a triple rear camera and there’s also talk of a faster processor and the ability for it to refill other devices, such as the new AirPods, via reverse wireless charging technology.

There’s no confirmation if any of these updates will actually appear in September but a new image, posted online, may reveal a very dramatic and controversial change.

The picture, which has appeared on Twitter, claims to show a screenshot from the iOS 13 beta software which is currently being tested by developers.

As you can see from the photo, it clearly shows an Apple-style graphic of a cable being plugged into a Mac but you might spot that the this is a USB-C lead and not a standard lightning cable.

This has ignited rumours that Apple might be planning to ditch the famous port from its iPhone and replace it with this more widely used technology.

Last year many experts were speculating that the iPhone Xs would get this update but the switch to USB-C has never materialised.

If Apple was to ditch the Lightning port it would be a controversial decision with millions of customers needing to replace cables, docks and speakers that include this port.

It would also mean Apple would lose a larger chunk of revenue as technology firm’s currently have to pay to use this connection on their accessories.

For those reasons there’s plenty to suggest Apple won’t make the switch to USB-C but it would make some sense.

Many of the Apple’s latest gadgets, including the MacBook, MacBook Pro and iPad Pro, all use USB-C and it would be far easier for consumers to charge all of their Apple devices using one plug.

USB-C is fast becoming the standard for almost all devices with headphones, smartphones and laptops all adopting this way of charging.

We’ll have to wait and see if this latest rumour turns out to be true but there will plenty of people who love and hate the decision if it becomes a reality.

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