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Apple Releases New Pride Watch Faces for Apple Watch on the watchOS 5.2.1

Apple has released new pride watch faces in line with the watchOS 5.2.1 update. Open up the Watch face gallery and the digital pride Apple Watch display should appear.

It’s similar to the 2018 pride face with rainbow stripes in that it wiggles fluidly whenever the wearer raises his or her wrist or when they tap the surface. But instead of the 2018’s black-spaced lineup, the newer Watch face features stripes that take up the whole display.

Aside from that the developers have added new Pride displays for analogs on a round or square-shaped layout. The colors change and wiggle whenever the wearer raises their wrists while featuring several complications.

Apple has kept the reveal of new pride bands intact for several years now, so expect to see a new rainbow design come WWDC. Design may be similar to the Watch faces’ solid rainbow stripes that match the look of the Apple Watch display.

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