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Bitcoin Cash’s mining development proposal forces issuance of new clarification

The recent proposal by an exec of one of the largest Bitcoin Cash mining pools caused somewhat of a stir in the community. As part of the proposal presented by BTC.TOP CEO Jiang Zhuoer, 12.5% of Bitcoin Cash Coinbase block rewards could be redirected to the Hong Kong corporation fund to support Bitcoin Cash infrastructure.

However, what ignited the controversy was Zhuoer’s comment when he stated that the ones who do not follow the proposal will have their blocks orphaned in what he called “to avoid a tragedy of the commons.” today issued a clarification regarding the same. It said,

“It’s important to understand that the plan proposed by Jiang Zhuoer is still very much in development. Zhuoer himself made this clear in his Reddit AMA, although the original article certainly lent itself to some confusion.” elaborated on the same, clarifying that questions such as who decides the implementation of the proposal, the management of the distribution of funds, who is in charge of the Hong Kong corporation, among other things, are being taken into consideration, adding that discussions have just begun.

The release also highlighted that the proposed changes would not go into effect until May 2020 and there is time to “work out answers to those questions in a way that satisfies as many parties as possible.”’s post read,

“It is a temporary plan with a six-month runway that will not result in protocol changes that could cause chain splits. Miners may choose to end the fund at any time if the majority of hash decides against it because it is inefficient, unworkable, or otherwise unfavorable to Bitcoin Cash or their businesses.”

According to, the new proposal will give the Bitcoin Cash industry an opportunity to experiment and “develop the underlying protocol infrastructure necessary for a fully scaled peer-to-peer digital cash system.”

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