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Blockchain Education is Absolutely Necessary According to Ken Weber |

Ken Weber, Ripple’s head of social impact is very vocal about the urgent need of blockchain education. He thinks that universities worldwide should rapidly expand their education programs to include blockchain and digital assets.

Weber went into detail and addressed the rapidly-growing lack of blockchain specialists due to the lack of relevant education. During his interview with OpenAccessGovernment, he cited a report which showed a 517% increase in demand for software engineers with blockchain development skills in the last year alone.

Weber stated that currently the demand is overwhelmingly more than the supply and most blockchain companies are in need of two types of blockchain-qualified professionals. The first type is of course the engineers, who must also possess a very deep understanding of the emerging technologies and can efficiently implement the required changes.

Blockchain education will be a rising priority for many employees in the near future

The second group is a bit more complicated since it requires blockchain specialists to fill non-technical roles with senior employees, who need to be able to make decisions based around the implication of blockchain technology towards business objectives.

The employees however, must have a working level of knowledge about the technology itself. Weber said that the most important thing is that industry is literally growing every day and so are the skills of the employees.

Weber also mentioned that the growth of blockchain education is not happening fast enough. He believes that while currently, over 40% of the world’s top 50 universities do offer at least 1 or 2 crypto and/or blockchain classes, it’s nowhere near enough.

The offered blockchain and crypto classes however, are also not exclusively targeted towards the technology but are instead tied to many different disciplines like law, engineering and mathematics.

According to Weber, the best solution that companies can make, is that they engage their academic counterparts and stimulate them to aid in the workforce formation.

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