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Britney Spears Is ‘Taking This Transition In My Life To Focus On What I Really Want’

Slowly but surely, it seems like Britney Spears is getting back on track!

At least, that’s what she wants her fans to know with a new special message as part of a Friday night throwback Instagram post that included old pictures of her performing for a crowd! And judging by how upbeat and optimistic she sounded there, we can only hope she’s well on the way to a renaissance!

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As you can see in the post itself, Brit is clearly itching to get back to performing at some point again as she transitions through a tough time period in her life. She shared this set of pics and a special message to fans, accounting for all that and sounding quite upbeat (below):

Nice! What a flashback, indeed!

And along with the post, the popular pop princess also shared a special message for her adoring fans and followers in the caption, which you can read (below):

“I hope y’all haven’t forgotten about me!!! I’m taking this transition in my life to focus on what I really want … I’ve been working nonstop, well, since I was 8 years old in the business. Sometimes it’s good to stop and reflect !!!! Miss you all … I really do have the best fans in the world !!!”


We can definitely say NO ONE has forgotten about you, Britney! And it is indeed good to stop and reflect sometimes — there’s nothing wrong with taking time off to get back to where you need to be, both mentally and physically!

A Long Road Ahead…

Optimism aside, Britney’s been through quite the battle over the last few months — and really, over the last 12 or so years — as her legal obligations within the conservatorship continue to clash with some of the inner-workings of her family. Courts have been busy looking at the details of Brit’s conservatorship recently, but ultimately little has changed there. It hasn’t helped that her parents are locked in a not-so-private fight over the pop princess’ fate — which can’t feel good or be an easy spot to be in for someone like Brit. Ugh!

What do U think, Perezcious readers?! Are you optimistic about Britney’s upbeat IG post from Friday night? Clearly, she still has a lot to deal with in regards to her mental health, her emotional well-being, and everything going on in her family life… but at least this was a nice surprise to see, right?!

Sound OFF with your opinion about it all in the comments (below)…

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