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Can Blockchain Solve the Global Retirement Crisis?

Retirement represents a milestone for most adults, but despite the feelings of adventure and excitement that come with leaving the working world, this life stage must first be viewed through a financial lens. The ability to generate income with advancing age is limited, and no one wants to be a burden on their family or the state.

That said, there are Social Security programs and savings vehicles that are designed to help individuals prepare for their retirement years. One of these is the defined-benefit pension plan, which, unfortunately, is increasingly an endangered species.

Key Takeaways

  • Pension plans are on their way out, and many of the ones that remain in place are threatened by insolvency.
  • Blockchain technology can reduce the complicated layers of pension management and give pensioners more control over their money.
  • By allowing the inclusion of cryptocurrency as a pension portfolio investment, blockchain is creating more accessible retirement plans that appeal to younger people, who are most in need of starting to save for their retirement.

Pensions Are in Trouble

Blockchain to the Rescue

Fewer Thumbs in the Pie

Exciting Millennials with Cryptocurrency

The Bottom Line

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