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Cardano (ADA), Tezos (XTZ), EOS May Pump like Small Cap Altcoins: Analyst

Judging from price action, small cap altcoins are well-positioned to gain against the USD, and a 10-15% pump could be on the table.
Other big cap altcoins including Cardano (ADA), Tezos (XTZ), and EOS may also register decent gains against the greenback.
While there are bullish hints against Ripple (XRP), its performance relative to BTC is dismal and bearish.
This is the analysis of one crypto analyst who took to Twitter to express his two cents.
The Case of Small Cap Altcoins
The reception has generated discussion from the community and some traders are confident of his assessment.

A lot of Binance alts have beautiful MAs on the 4h chart.
I’m expecting a lot of 10-15% pumps on small caps within 12 hours.
As for larger caps $ADA and $XTZ are by far the best looking ones. $EOS too but it needs bounces here. $XRP looks ok on USD pair but bad on BTC pair.
— Crypto Krillin ॐ (@LSDinmycoffee) January 20, 2020

Small cap altcoins are characterized by low market capitalization against both the USD and BTC, are fragile and also volatile because of low liquidity.
These coins are mostly paired against BTC, USDT, and ETH. Only but a few are paired directly against the greenback. Some of them include ADX, MATIC, and TOMO. But the list is long and comprises of promising projects.

I’m torn on $TOMO :the BTC chart looks kind of good (bounced off of the support, crawling up slowly but surely, stable during the BTC dump), but the USD chart looks kind of shit (broke the $0.465-ish support, rejected from it as resistance? the big buy wall is now a big sell wall)
— PermaREKT (@PermaRekt) January 20, 2020

Meanwhile, large cap altcoins enjoy deep liquidity and sharp movements against BTC or USD often become a source of discussion. EOS, ADA, and ETH are examples.
Altcoins are Volatile and mostly Illiquid
This notice is a net positive for the altcoin community and perhaps even revive talks of an altcoin season. That’s when prices of altcoins across the board expand, consequently increasing their market share.
Although aware of the risks associated with small caps, most of which were decimated in the ravaging crypto winter of 2018, a timely entry could yield superior ROI considering its low liquidity.
As they are positively correlated with BTC, a small pump in the former often leads to 5-10X surge in altcoins, a behavior that is well notarized.
The analyst zeroed in on ADX, a token for the AdEx, an advertising platform.
MATIC Stands out
While at it, MATIC also looks promising. As reported by CoinGape, the US cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase said it would support the token in their custodial service.

Proud to announce that Matic has been listed on @CoinbaseCustody 🎉
We join an elite group of assets on Coinbase Custody alongside Top20 MCap assets-LINK, XTZ, XLM etc
Coinbase custody offers institutional-grade solution for large investors to securely store their digital assets
— Matic (@maticnetwork) January 17, 2020

Through Coinbase Custody, users will deposit and withdraw MATIC, the first Binance’s IEO. They also announced their partnership with WhiteBit, a crypto-to-crypto exchange, in a move that will boost its liquidity.
Although the token’s performance is below average and up 5% in the past 7 days, developers plan to launch their Beta Mainnet in Q1 2020. Then, staking will be possible.

$MATIC holders will be able to delegate their tokens to for staking. We will also be conducting outreach to spread awareness of Matic’s staking program.
Many more tier-1 industry players will be joining our expanding decentralized network of Validators.
— Matic (@maticnetwork) January 16, 2020

EOS and ADA, Double-Digit Gains
Coins as ADA and EOS are also buoyed by mixed news but up 15% and 14%, respectively.
In a recent AMA , Charles Hoskinson said IOHK, the development team of Cardano, will update Haskell Wallet this week.

Meanwhile, Block One, the publisher of EOSIO platform, said its highly anticipated social media dapp, Voice, will launch on a private network.
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