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Google will limit political ad targeting and prohibit false claims in them

Political advertisers will now have a very limited scope for whom they can target, Google LLC announced Wednesday. Scott Spencer, vice president of product management...
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Why Elizabeth Warren Just Mentioned Redlining at a Climate Forum

At the first-ever Presidential Forum on Environmental Justice Friday night, Senator Elizabeth Warren didn’t shy away from how the environment is directly related to other...
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Biden Forgot to Buy the Web Address For His Latinx Outreach Campaign and Now Trump Owns It

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden announced a new campaign yesterday called “Todos Con Biden” (Everyone With Biden) to help organize Latinx support for the former...
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Facebook Removes Over 160 Biden, Warren, and Trump Campaign Ads

When it comes to campaign ads on Facebook, you can lie or be racist—but don’t you dare cuss or stick a button in the ad....