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5G, Wi-Fi 6 and automation to ignite business, social transformation

5G, Wi-Fi6 and automation are hot topics as the technology industry continues to wrestle with the demands for larger bandwidths. And while some might not believe in
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NetBrain aims to ease enterprise network automation fears with just-in-time platform

Cisco Systems Inc. offers a prestigious exam for international expert-level networking certification called the CCIE. Not everyone passes. Those who fail the exam don’t usually
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Cisco’s excellent DevNet adventure – SiliconANGLE

Community is important. Whether at work, at school, or at play, the people and culture surrounding us are the keystone to a productive and happy
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Smell 5G’s IoT mojo cooking in Intel’s collab kitchen

Edge-computing use cases come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Localizing data for analytics, internet of things edge devices and mobile computing are
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Cisco fellow offers perspective on driving consistency for the multicloud journey

A visit to the website for Cisco Systems Inc. reveals specific products tailored for a multicloud approach. There are tools like Meraki vMX and SD-WAN
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Automation brings with it the ‘gift of time’ for enterprise growth

As automation becomes something that more and more enterprises are turning to, it is changing the way they operate their infrastructure — leading to incredible
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Veeam’s partnership with Cisco is paying dividends on both sides

Nearly two years ago, Veeam Software Inc.’s Availability solutions were added to Cisco Systems Inc.’s Global Price List. It looks like it’s turned out to
#CLUS #theCube 5G Certification Cisco Live 2019 Cisco multicloud Cloud Cube Event Coverage Developers DevNet networking trends NEWS software Software Services software-led services Susie Wee training WiFi6

Cisco DevNet unveils learning opportunities for network-automation developers

As networks have changed, so too has the expertise needed to manage them. Leveraging the power of its 600,000-member strong DevNet developer community, Cisco Systems
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Playing the telco Game of Thrones: Dell Technologies ecosystem offers ground support in the battle for 5G supremacy

5G has arrived with a fanfare, but behind the scenes the telecommunications industry is in the crossfire of technological advance. Aggressive rivalry has always marked
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Cisco Live keynote analysis: Surviving the transition to cloud, software-defined networks

Company executives at Cisco Live in San Diego, California kicked off the conference Monday by pointing out that this year marked the 30th anniversary of