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Facebook won’t remove fictitious political ads but will let you see fewer of them

Despite ongoing criticism, Facebook Inc. said today that it will continue with its policy not to fact-check political ads on the run-up to the 2020...
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Google Cloud fails to lift Alphabet enough to please investors

Three months after revving up investors with better-than-expected earnings, Alphabet Inc. today reversed course with a third-quarter report that left investors less impressed this time. The parent...
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Biden Forgot to Buy the Web Address For His Latinx Outreach Campaign and Now Trump Owns It

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden announced a new campaign yesterday called “Todos Con Biden” (Everyone With Biden) to help organize Latinx support for the former...
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Facebook Removes Over 160 Biden, Warren, and Trump Campaign Ads

When it comes to campaign ads on Facebook, you can lie or be racist—but don’t you dare cuss or stick a button in the ad....