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London Lab Advances Use of A.I. in Health Care, but Raises Privacy Concerns

SAN FRANCISCO — Each year, one out of every five patients admitted to a hospital in the United States for serious care develops acute kidney...
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Tech Giants Amass a Lobbying Army for an Epic Washington Battle

Google is paying two contract lobbyists who worked as lawyers on the Republican staff of the House Judiciary Committee. One of the lawyers, Sean McLaughlin,...
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Will Google succeed on its new Announcements, or Inbox it.

The ultimate season of Game of Thrones is on and fans are already shuddering with apprehension for the next gory death on the show. We...
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The Week in Tech: Worried About Screen Time? A Dose of Big Tech Data May Help

Inspired by our panic, Google and Apple have introduced tools to help users manage their digital activity. But should we trust tech companies to help...
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How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Writing – Irish Tech News

Although artificial intelligence hasn’t reached the level we have all seen in movies, it has started to slowly permeate just about every pore of our...