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Football cards get on the Blockchain and Captain Kirk from Star Trek joins in too

Believe it or not the size of the global sports memorabilia industry is $5.4 Billion according to Forbes, so it is no surprise that  Fantastec
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Are ICOs making room for IEOs or STOs? Interesting times for crypto 2.0

 Initial Coin Offering (ICOs) have been used to raise capital by over 5,400 organisations, with the largest amount of money being generated was EOS,that reportedly
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Digitalizing the African Markets with Zipcoin Remit’s Positive solution 3.0

ZipCoin Remit, the Rise & Rise Of Blockchain Based Remittance and Payments Solution Powered By ZIPCO Token. By Kim Chivhima: CEO of ZipCoin Remit Ltd.
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Providing payments processing to under-served businesses, Marco Lavanna, Monaco Blockchain Conference

We spoke with Marco Lavanna who will be attending and sponsoring the cocktail event at the  Monaco Blockchain Conference, May 31st. Book tickets here  and