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Online Data Analysis Points to Venezuela Accepting BTC for Passports

During the last week, a number of bitcoiners have been discussing Venezuela’s Administrative Service for Identification, Migration, and Foreigners, also known as SAIME accepting bitcoin...
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Snyk focuses on 28 million developers to address the application security challenge

It would be nice if imported open-source code arrived vulnerability free, but that’s not how the real world works. Code can have hidden traps, and...
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Forrester study highlights benefits of Google Anthos hybrid cloud app platform

Google LLC today highlighted the findings of a recent study by Forrester Research Inc. on the impact of its Google Anthos application platform, revealing some...
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NetScout solution lets AWS customers monitor network traffic for threats

What can’t be seen also can’t be protected. That’s why NetScout Systems Inc. and Amazon Web Services Inc. have teamed up to provide customers with a...