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Market Update: Crypto Assets Slowly Gather Gains, Bitcoin Needs Capital Inflow, ADA Jumps 85%

Cryptocurrency market prices have improved a great deal since our last market update, as the overall market capitalization of all 5,700+ coins has gained $16...
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Food and Cash Shortages Push Cubans Toward Permissionless Cryptocurrencies

The Nation of Cuba is dealing with a national food crisis, as Venezuela has stopped offering aid to the small island nation. Moreover, the coronavirus...
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The IRS Investigation Division Is Requesting Information About Privacy-Centric Cryptocurrencies

The United States tax agency has published a request for information pertaining to privacy-centric cryptocurrencies and technologies that obfuscate crypto transactions. The IRS-CI Cyber Crimes...
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6 Privacy-Enhancing Tools That Place Bitcoin Cash Transactions Ahead of the Pack

On June 24, a Reddit post had a few Bitcoin Cash proponents discussing a number of privacy enhancements BCH supporters can leverage every time they...
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Ethereum Network Fees Jump Above Bitcoin Transaction Fees for Two Weeks Straight

This week digital currency enthusiasts have been discussing network fees, specifically transaction fees associated with the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains. Last Sunday on June 21,...