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Honestnode Founder Discusses the First Stablecoin Built on Bitcoin Cash

On June 12, the Honestnode team announced the release of a new stablecoin project built on top of the Bitcoin Cash network called Honestcoin (USDH).
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Money and Democracy: How the Elite Manipulated Ledgers and Created a Social Ranking System

Money is one of the most important but least understood manmade tools in existence. For more than 5,000 years humans have used a tool of
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Why You Can’t Bet With Bitcoin at Online Casinos in the US

Since the dawn of Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency landscape has seen a lot of digital currency gaming websites where users can wager their coins in games
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Bitcoin Cash Milestones: Delivered Code, Upgrades and Platform Development

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) platform and protocol development have seen a lot of delivered code and projects over the last two years. The upgrades will help
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Market Outlook: Crypto Bulls Rally After Bearish Downturn

Since July 13, digital currency prices have dropped in value significantly, but most coins have since experienced some recovery. While many crypto supporters are optimistic
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Ignore Crypto Twitter – Life as a Nocoiner Isn’t That Bad

Crypto Twitter (CT) is filled with half-witted commentary and price predictions by so-called luminaries, maximalists, and influencers. As the price of BTC has dropped to
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Lightning Network’s Antifraud Methods Inferior to Nakamoto Consensus, Research Shows

The Lightning Network, the touted scaling solution for the BTC chain, has recently seen its capacity decrease significantly and the beta project is still best