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‘Bitcoin Is Not a Privacy Coin’ Says Crypto Evangelist Andreas Antonopoulos

Andreas Antonopoulos discussed how he desired to see Bitcoin have more “privacy features” in a recent live stream Q&A session published on Youtube on July...
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Permissionless Software Foundation Aims to Foster Open-Source Software With Bitcoin Cash

Just recently, Bitcoin Cash proponents were introduced to a new foundation called the “Permissionless Software Foundation” aimed at spreading Bitcoin Cash and SLP token technology....
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Market Update: Crypto Assets Slowly Gather Gains, Bitcoin Needs Capital Inflow, ADA Jumps 85%

Cryptocurrency market prices have improved a great deal since our last market update, as the overall market capitalization of all 5,700+ coins has gained $16...
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The IRS Investigation Division Is Requesting Information About Privacy-Centric Cryptocurrencies

The United States tax agency has published a request for information pertaining to privacy-centric cryptocurrencies and technologies that obfuscate crypto transactions. The IRS-CI Cyber Crimes...