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Markets Update: Crypto Traders Still Uncertain After a Week of Consolidation

Cryptocurrency markets are once again riding a long period of consolidation as the last seven days has failed to show any meaningful moves. During our
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RSK Sidechain Is Now Secured by 45% of BTC’s Hashrate

On Feb. 14, the cryptocurrency infrastructure organization led by RSK Labs announced the one-year anniversary of the RSK network and highlighted several notable achievements. Over
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Bitcoin’s Social Contract Must Be Resilient to the Whims of Future Generations

Over the last few years, infighting and different visions has led to significant divides within the Bitcoin community, weakening the network effects no matter which
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Stablecoins Dominate Currency Pairings for Leading Crypto Assets – BTC Ethereum Crypto Currency Blog

Amidst the ongoing cryptocurrency bear market, stablecoins have continued to gain prominence, with USDT currently comprising the dominant pairing for three of the four largest
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Chinese Miners Flock to Sichuan for Cheap Electricity During the Wet Season

Over the last two months, the hashrate between the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin Core (BTC) networks has increased significantly since hitting a low on
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Core Developer’s 300kb Block Proposal Bolstered in Bid to Push Lightning Adoption

Bitcoin Core (BTC) developer Luke Dash Jr has once again sparked controversy with his idea to shrink the BTC chain’s block size down to 300kb.
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Bitcoin Friendly Micronation Acknowledged by European Commission President

In 2019 the sovereign state of Liberland continues to gather headway by getting recognized by key leaders in the European Union and members of parliament.
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Crypto Investor Brock Pierce Is Attempting to Pull Mt. Gox From the Ashes

Prominent cryptocurrency entrepreneur Brock Pierce is attempting to revive the defunct Mt. Gox exchange by submitting a single rehabilitation plan for creditors called Gox Rising.
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BCH Publishing App Honest Cash Partners With Patreon Alternative – BTC Ethereum Crypto Currency Blog

On Wednesday, Feb. 6, the Honest Cash publishing platform powered by bitcoin cash partnered with the cryptocurrency focused Patreon alternative The new partnership aims