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Bitcoin Cash Outshines BTC Retail Spending in Australia by a Wide Margin

The BCH-centric web portal published an in-depth report that shows the aggregate of cryptocurrency expenditure for Australian retail businesses. According to the 10-page document,...
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Sean Walsh: Cryptocurrencies Can Harness More Human Energy

Bitcoin scores high in terms of ‘moneyness’ compared to other forms of money as it has some technical advantages and social inertia. In an interview...
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Protesters Wield Tools of Freedom as Hong Kong Imposes Dictatorship

Four months of protests continue in Hong Kong as the world is witnessing the biggest uprising of political dissent in the territory since the 1997...
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Data Shows Institutional Interest in Bitcoin Has Diminished

Last spring and the beginning of summer 2019 saw digital asset markets spike considerably in value, and many speculators assumed the rise was due to...
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Market Outlook: A Few Cryptocurrencies Rebound While Fear Grips Central Banks

In the last 48 hours, digital currency markets have rebounded after some bearish price dips last week. After losing $35 billion in a short period...
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Video Shows $10M Chinese Bitcoin Mining Farm in Flames

During the early morning hours of September 30, a nine-minute video circulated on Twitter showing a large bitcoin mining farm burning down. Sources say the...