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5G AT&T Bleeding Edge Dell edge computing Infra infrastructure IoT network Network Edge NEWS The-Latest

Dell and AT&T collaborate on open-source 5G network edge infrastructure

Dell Technologies Inc. and AT&T Inc. said today they’re working together to develop open-source infrastructure necessary to enable the “network edge” ahead of the transition...
AI Apps Baidu Bleeding Edge Business Machine Learning NEWS simultaneous translation speech to speech Top Stories Top Story 2 translation app

Baidu announces simultaneous translation service for business users

Baidu Inc. today announced the availability in beta test of a new “speech-to-speech simultaneous translation service” designed to facilitate communication at business events. The Chinese...
AI Apollo moon landing AR Augmented Reality Bleeding Edge computer graphics demo GPUs graphics rendering Headsets Infra Light NEWS nvidia Ray Tracing RTX simulation The-Latest

At SIGGRAPH, Nvidia showcases extremely realistic computer graphics with ray tracing

Nvidia Corp. is using the annual ACM SIGGRAPH computer graphics technology conference in Los Angeles this week to highlight some of the advances it has...
AI Apps artificial intelligence Bleeding Edge chatbots Cloud Contact Center AI dialogflow Google Machine Learning NEWS Speech-to-text Top Stories Top Story 4 virtual agents

Google refines its AI-based chatbot tools to improve speech recognition

Google LLC today announced some updates to the artificial intelligence technology that powers its Contact Center AI service. Based on Google’s Dialogflow and Cloud Speech-to-Text tools,...
AI Algorithm artificial intelligence big data Bleeding Edge cancer IBM Interact Machine Learning NEWS open source PaccMann PIMKL Research The-Latest

IBM open-sources AI algorithms to help advance cancer research

IBM Corp. has open-sourced three artificial intelligence projects focused on cancer research. In a blog post today, IBM researchers Matteo Manica and Joris Cadow, who work...
Apps Bleeding Edge center of excellence Data Center Hardware Infra Intel Intel Optane DC NEWS partnership SAP SAP apps SAP HANA Top Stories Top Story 3

Intel to optimize its data center hardware for SAP apps

Intel Corp. and SAP SE said today they’re working together to optimize chipmaker’s infrastructure hardware for the German company’s enterprise software applications, including its popular...
agent AI artificial intelligence Bleeding Edge chatbot conversational AI Deep Learning Ludwig NEWS Plato Plato Research Dialog System Top Stories Top Story 3 Uber

Uber unveils a conversational AI platform called Plato

Uber Technology Inc. has open-sourced a conversational artificial intelligence engine called the Plato Research Dialog System that’s set to compete with similar offerings such as...
AI Bleeding Edge Deep Learning Infra Intel Intel Labs IoT Loihi chips Machine Learning neuromorphic computing neurons NEWS Pohoiki Beach Pohoiki Springs prototype Top Stories Top Story 3

Intel unveils neuromorphic computing system that mimics the human brain

Intel Corp. today announced a neuromorphic computing system based on its prototype Loihi chips that aim to simulate how the human brain processes problems. At...
acquisition Apps Bleeding Edge D-Wave Emerging Tech hybrid quantum classical Infra NEWS Quantum Computing qubits QxBranch Rigetti Computing The-Latest

Rigetti Computing buys quantum application developer QxBranch

Quantum computing platform company Rigetti Computing Inc. is expanding into application territory with the acquisition of a startup called QxBranch Inc. Rigetti has built what...
Bleeding Edge Dr. Jan Goetz Emerging Tech excitations Infra IQM Finland NEWS Quantum Computing quantum error correction quantum errors quantum processing quantum processors qubits The-Latest

IQM Finland raises $13M to try to fix quantum computing errors

Finnish quantum computing startup IQM Finland Oy today said it has raised $13 million in a seed funding round to help it build hardware that it...
Accenture AI Bleeding Edge classical computers d-wave systems Emerging Tech Infra Machine Learning NEWS Patent Quantum Computing qubits The-Latest

Accenture patents machine learning module for marrying quantum with classical computing

Accenture Plc has just been awarded a patent relating to quantum computing that underscores the idea that the next-generation of computers will likely have to...
AI Apps Bleeding Edge D-Wave Emerging Tech hybrid apps Infra NEWS Quantum Computing quantum-classical apps quantum-classical computing Top Stories Top Story 3 Workflow

D-Wave unveils tools for building quantum-classical hybrid apps

Quantum computer company D-Wave Systems Inc. aims to help companies to build and run what it calls “quantum-classical hybrid applications” with the launch today of...