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$424 Million and Numismatic Value: There’s Only 20,000 Casascius Physical Bitcoins Left Unspent

For many years now physical bitcoins have been a very popular trend, but one specific type called the Casascius physical bitcoin collection has intrigued people...
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Japanese Broker Monex Launches Crypto-Based CFDs With 2x Leverage

The Japanese online securities company Monex has revealed the launch of cryptocurrency-based contract-for-difference (CFD) services that went live on Wednesday. The new derivatives products offered...
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‘Bitcoin Is Not a Privacy Coin’ Says Crypto Evangelist Andreas Antonopoulos

Andreas Antonopoulos discussed how he desired to see Bitcoin have more “privacy features” in a recent live stream Q&A session published on Youtube on July...
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Jeffrey Epstein Confidant Ghislaine Maxwell’s Last Reddit Post Was About Bitcoin

The cryptocurrency community has been discussing the infamous Ghislaine Maxwell, the associate of the financier and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. Maxwell was recently arrested...
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Market Update: Crypto Assets Slowly Gather Gains, Bitcoin Needs Capital Inflow, ADA Jumps 85%

Cryptocurrency market prices have improved a great deal since our last market update, as the overall market capitalization of all 5,700+ coins has gained $16...
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Bitcoin Entrepreneur Brock Pierce Joins the 2020 US Presidential Election

Blockchain entrepreneur and former Disney child actor, Brock Pierce, is running for President of the United States this election. Pierce announced he was running during...
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Food and Cash Shortages Push Cubans Toward Permissionless Cryptocurrencies

The Nation of Cuba is dealing with a national food crisis, as Venezuela has stopped offering aid to the small island nation. Moreover, the coronavirus...
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4th Amendment Does Not Protect Bitcoin Data, US Fifth Circuit Court Rules

A Fifth Circuit panel of judges recently ruled that Fourth Amendment rights do not apply to cryptocurrency transaction data that stems from an exchange. The...
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The IRS Investigation Division Is Requesting Information About Privacy-Centric Cryptocurrencies

The United States tax agency has published a request for information pertaining to privacy-centric cryptocurrencies and technologies that obfuscate crypto transactions. The IRS-CI Cyber Crimes...