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Amenity Analytics raises $18 million for AI that parses regulatory filings and earnings calls for key points

Amenity Analytics, a New York-based startup developing what it describes as a “text-mining” AI platform for enterprise, today announced that it’s raised $18 million in
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RedSeal raises more than $60 million for its cybersecurity tools

RedSeal, a 15-year-old San Jose, California-based startup developing cyber risk modeling software for hybrid cloud environments, today announced a growth equity investment from Symphony Technology
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Google debuts Policy Intelligence, AI for cloud governance

Google Cloud today introduced Policy Intelligence in beta, a series of AI-powered features designed to suggest actions by administrators aimed at improving security for organizations.
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New IBM technique cuts AI speech recognition training time from a week to 11 hours

Reliable, robust, and generalizable speech recognition is an ongoing challenge in machine learning. Traditionally, training natural language understanding models requires corpora containing thousands of hours