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Lightbits Labs raises $50 million for software-defined ‘disaggregated’ server technology

Datacenters with servers directly attached to solid-state drives (SSDs) often suffer from an imbalance of storage and compute: Either there’s not enough processing power to...
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Lenovo’s TruScale lets companies rent servers on a usage-based plan

A slight majority of executives aren’t confident in their IT teams’ technical prowess, according to a recent survey conducted by research firm IDC. About 65...
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Nvidia’s DGX-Ready Data Center program connects businesses with local server operators

Companies pursuing on-premises accelerated computing solutions will soon have new choices in providers, courtesy of Nvidia. The San Jose company today announced the DGX-Ready Data Center...
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Pixel Slate and Keyboard hands-on: A pleasure to type on, but otherwise an average tablet

Google kicked off its hardware event this morning with a slew of smartphone and smart display announcements, but it didn’t leave the tablet enthusiasts in...
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China reportedly hacked Supermicro servers used by Apple and Amazon (updated)

A bombshell Bloomberg report today suggests that the Chinese government has been hacking American companies in a fairly astonishing manner: inserting tiny chips into computers...