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Microsoft’s new Dynamics 365 services apply AI to finance and project operations

Dynamics 365, Microsoft’s line of enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management apps, are gaining enhancements intended to aid enterprises in “transforming” their operations. A...
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UltraSense raises $18 million to bring ultrasound touch sensors to market

Imbuing textiles with touch sensors is fast becoming feasible at scale. Perhaps the best example is Google’s Jacquard, which recognizes gestures by way of conductive...
AI big data Business category-/Computers & Electronics category-/Science/Computer Science Cloud Dev Enterprise Entrepreneur Enveil funding daily homomorphic encryption Machine Learning Security

Enveil raises $10 million for enterprise-scale homomorphic encryption

Analyzing, searching, and performing calculations on encrypted data hasn’t historically been possible at scale. But thanks to the emerging technique of homomorphic encryption, it’s becoming...
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Nerdio raises $8 million to help businesses manage Microsoft Azure deployments

Managing a cloud environment takes time, capital, and plenty in the way of domain expertise. It’s this reality that’s the driving force behind a category...
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Apple details AI to help voice assistants recognize hotwords and multilingual speakers

Speech recognition is an acute area of interest for Apple, whose cross-platform Siri virtual assistant is used by over 500 million customers worldwide. This past...