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AI Weekly: Experts say OpenAI’s controversial model is a potential threat to society and science

Last week, OpenAI released GPT-2, a conversational AI system that quickly became controversial. Without domain-specific data, GPT-2 achieves state-of-the-art performance in seven of eight natural language
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Researchers improve robots’ speech recognition by modeling human auditory processing

We rarely think too much about noises as we’re listening to them, but there’s an enormous amount of complexity involved in isolating audio from places
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Pinpoint raises $13.5 million to bring data analytics to software development

For those without the technical know-how, software development — which more often than not involves a tangled web of commits, reviews, bug testing, and validation
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ShiftLeft raises $20 million for code analysis software that automatically patches vulnerabilities

Nearly three years ago, Chetan Conikee, Manish Gupta, and Vlad A. Ionescu put their collective heads together to develop a software platform that provided robust, code-level security
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Mozilla and Ubisoft partner on AI coding assistant Clever-Commit

Mozilla and Ubisoft today announced a partnership to develop Clever-Commit, an AI coding assistant. Clever-Commit is designed to help programmers evaluate if a code change
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Hired acquires YC alum Py to bring candidate assessments to its developer recruitment platform

Hired, a recruitment marketplace that connects companies with technology talent, has announced that it will now help its customers assess and screen potential candidates. Powering
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Google Brain and DeepMind researchers release AI benchmark based on card game Hanabi

What do Montezuma’s Revenge, chess, and shogi have in common? They’re considered to be “grand challenges” in artificial intelligence (AI) research — i.e., games that involve