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Picking fruit is work, not benevolence, and doesn’t absolve Australia of climate responsibility | Victoria Stead | World news

Australia’s diplomatic performance throughout the Pacific Islands Forum has evoked a colonial arrogance that many hoped was in the past. While Pacific Island states raised...
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‘Our people are dying’: Australia’s climate confrontation in the Pacific | World news

It was always going to be a showdown on the climate crisis. As leaders from the Pacific gathered in Tuvalu for their annual Pacific Islands...
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Windows 95 Weekend, exploring supernovas, and more – GeekWire

(Living Computers Museum + Labs Photo) — Do you remember where you were and what you were doing in 1995? Television was dominated by ER,...
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IPCC leaked report: Going vegetarian and controlling land use are key to climate crisis | Environment

Attempts to solve the climate crisis by cutting carbon emissions from only cars, factories and power plants are doomed to failure, scientists will warn this...
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Taking Macron down: climate protesters strip French town halls of portraits | World news

It was a quiet Monday afternoon in the picturesque town hall of Lingolsheim, outside Strasbourg. The school summer holidays had started and it was exceptionally...