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The Bitcoin Cash Network’s Block Reward Officially Halved – Block 630,000 Mined

On April 8, 2020, the Bitcoin Cash network’s block reward halved as of block 630,000 and BCH miners hashing away at the network will now...
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The Bitcoin Cash Halving Countdown – 50% Less Block Reward in 4 Days

The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network will face a halving in four days and many BCH proponents are getting ready for the big day. Unfortunately, the...
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Gold Investors Are Terrified Central Banks Might Dump Bullion During the Economic Crisis

Despite what gold bug Peter Schiff says, economists are uncertain that gold will shine during the current coronavirus crisis. While gold and other precious metals...
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Minting Basic Income – US Lawmaker Asks Treasury to Issue Two $1 Trillion Coins With No Debt

The U.S. is now facing the onslaught from the coronavirus outbreak. During the last two weeks, bureaucrats have shut down multiple industries while the Federal...
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HTC Unveils Privacy Protecting 5G Router, Pundi X Finalizes Blockchain Phone Prototype

Product announcements in the mobile and internet communications sector have indicated that cryptocurrency-related features are going to become more common. A 5G router with a...
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Australia Crypto Merchant Trade Sets $74K Monthly Record With BCH Capturing 97%

Cryptocurrency payments in Australia, which have been growing in volume in the past few years, have recently scored another record. Crypto-based merchant trade across the...
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Bitcoin Is Financial Instrument, Clarifies Germany, Crypto Custodians Qualify as Financial Institutions

The Federal Financial Supervisory Authority of Germany, Bafin, has issued guidance to clarify the status of cryptocurrencies and the regulations that apply to related business...
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How to Find Your Nearest Bitcoin ATM

Cryptocurrency markets have experienced a few intensive weeks since the start of the year that took prices to 2020 highs in mid-February. The overall bullish...
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Defi for Bitcoin: Collateral Peg Platform Provides Noncustodial BTC Lending on Ethereum

During the second week of February, a new project called tBTC was unveiled that is similar to the Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) created with the Ethereum...