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DarwinAI wants to help identify coronavirus in x-rays, but radiologists aren’t convinced

Canadian startup DarwinAI and researchers from the University of Waterloo are open-sourcing COVID-Net, a convolutional neural network made for detecting COVID-19 in x-ray imagery. Since...
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Fritz brings on-device AI to Android and iOS

Fritz AI, a startup providing an AI and machine learning development platform for Android and iOS, today announced that it has raised $5 million. CEO...
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Vida Diagnostics raises $11 million to diagnose lung diseases with AI

Vida Diagnostics, a provider of AI-powered lung imaging analysis tools, today announced that it’s raised $11 million. CEO Susan A. Woods said the funds will...
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Ripcord raises $45 million to digitize paper records with robotics and AI

Staff at a California school district reportedly spent 20% of their time searching for lost documents until they retained the services of a records management...