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Amazon Amazon Shopping Andrew Lee BCH Bcoin Bcoin block Bitcoin Cash btc Christopher Jeffrey closure Crypto Cryptocurrency dissolve Eduardo Gomez Kent Liu Marketplace NEWS Purse roger ver San Francisco Shut down Steven Bower Returns: Company Reveals Crypto Marketplace ‘Is Here to Stay’

On April 17, reported on the crypto marketplace announcing the company would dissolve. Six days later, Purse revealed that the team is reconsidering...
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$2K per Month for Every American: Andrew Yang Begs Congress to Pass Basic Income

While most of the U.S. remains on lockdown, a few states across the nation are starting to open up businesses and lift restrictions. Meanwhile, politicians...
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CFTC Approves New Cryptocurrency Derivatives Platform — Bitnomial to Offer Regulated Bitcoin Futures

The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has approved a new bitcoin derivatives trading platform. Bitnomial Exchange will list margined and physically delivered bitcoin futures...
Bitcoin btc Crypto Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency regulation fatf FATF crypto fatf cryptocurrency fatf recommendations fatf rules Regulation South Africa south africa bitcoin South Africa Crypto south africa cryptocurrencies south africa cryptocurrency south africa fatf South African

South Africa Proposes 30 Rules to Regulate Cryptocurrency

South Africa’s top financial regulators, including the South African Reserve Bank, have jointly released a policy paper with 30 recommendations for the regulation of cryptocurrency...
Amazon Amazon Shopping Andrew Lee BCH Bcoin Bcoin block Bitcoin Cash btc Christopher Jeffrey closure Crypto Cryptocurrency dissolve Eduardo Gomez HSD I Pay You Kent Liu Marketplace NEWS Purse San Francisco Shut down Steven Bower

Crypto Marketplace to Dissolve Operations After 6 Years

On April 17, the crypto firm announced the company is planning to dissolve after six years of operation. The marketplace provided incentives for people...
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Facebook Libra Redesigned: New System and Cryptocurrency to Comply With Regulations

Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency project has undergone major changes. A number of key areas have been redesigned, including the payment system, the Libra cryptocurrency, and the...
Bitcoin Bitcoin funds Bitcoin Investing bitcoin investments bitcoin stock btc btc investing BTC Investments btc stock Crypto Cryptocurrency cryptocurrency investments ETH Finance GBTC gbtc bitcoin gbtc shares gbtc stock grayscale bitcoin Grayscale Bitcoin Trust grayscale ethereum Grayscale Investments grayscale shares record high

Investments in Grayscale Bitcoin Trust Hit Record High Amid Economic Crisis

Grayscale Investments has announced the strongest quarter in its history. Investments into the company’s cryptocurrency products, including the flagship Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC), hit a...