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‘A Drop-in Replacement for ABC’ – BCH Devs Release Bitcoin Cash Node Software

On February 27, a group of developers behind the Bitcoin Cash Node implementation released the first version of the project’s codebase. The new client is...
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BCH Funding Debate: Amaury Séchet Responds to IFP Questions, Noting Contention in the West

On February 20, Bitcoin Cash engineers held the second 2020 BCH developers’ meeting and the first since the Infrastructure Funding Plan (IFP) was added to...
BCH Community Bitcoin bitcoin abc Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin Cash Developers Bitcoin Unlimited Blockchain centralization Coinbase Rewards debate Dev Fund infrastructure Jiang Zhuoer Miners Mining Pools NEWS P2P Cash Peter Rizun Proposal Tax whitepaper Update: Dev Fund Proposal ‘Will Not Go Through’ Without More Agreement

The BCH infrastructure funding proposal initially announced by Jiang Zhuoer on January 22 will not go through as planned without greater agreement in the Bitcoin...
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‘Why Are You Afraid?’ – Watch Roger Ver Debate Nouriel Roubini on Cryptocurrency

Starting a debate by calling nearly everyone in the room “economically illiterate” doesn’t usually end well for someone attempting to persuade an audience, but that’s...