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Why hardware still matters in the era of cloud computing

The University of California at San Diego has adopted a cloud-first strategy that involves retiring three mainframes, shifting as many computing workloads as possible to...
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As Ethereum reinvents itself, large enterprises start to get on board

Investors are pouring a lot of money flow into bitcoin, but participants in the cryptocurrency market may be missing the real story: Ethereum is about...
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Program or die: Application programming interfaces are transforming business

Application programming interfaces or APIs are fast becoming like air and water. Businesses need them to survive. That basic point was driven home recently for...
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No cloud required: Why AI’s future is at the edge

For all the promise and peril of artificial intelligence, there’s one big obstacle to its seemingly relentless march: The algorithms for running AI applications have...
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Digital transformation boom thrusts CIOs into media spotlight

For Bernie Gracy, the culmination of 20 years of speaking experience came last fall when he stepped on stage in front of 7,000 people at...
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Video’s growing online dominance sends media companies to the cloud

Before software is going to eat the world, as Marc Andreessen famously declared, video is going to eat the Internet. A report from Cisco Systems...
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AI’s big challenge: engineering in social responsibility

The current discussion around artificial intelligence is beginning to resemble the process of buying a shiny new car. There is a great deal of time...
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In the digital transformation era, multicloud data protection turns smoking hot

This analysis is from Wikibon, SiliconANGLE Media Inc.’s market research firm. There’s much more analysis and research at Premise. Enterprises moving to the cloud...
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In harm’s way: Attacks on critical systems alarm the security world

One by one, power to homes, businesses, hospitals and transportation systems were shut down. It was Dec. 23, 2015, in the Ukraine and the nation’s...
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After limping through chapter one of cloud computing, IBM aims to own chapter two

In 2013, IBM Corp. got a wakeup call when it lost an important cloud computing deal at the Central Intelligence Agency to Amazon Web Services...
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Trust but verify: Machine learning’s magic masks hidden frailties

The idea sounded good in theory: Rather than giving away full-boat scholarships, colleges could optimize their use of scholarship money to attract students willing to...
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Orange is the new gold: Telemarketing firm molds inmates into sales stars

Like many telemarketing professionals, Teresa Peterson works a nine-hour day, supporting a team of professionals working phones, building heat maps for her client’s account-based marketing...
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As security flaws explode, consumers lose trust in the tech industry

If the current state of the cybersecurity world could be captured as a weather forecast it would be cloudy with occasional periods of crankiness and...
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Signs of progress for AI, but when will it become truly essential?

Adam Cheyer has a dream — and given that he sold his two previous companies to Steve Jobs and Samsung, it would be wise not...
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Complexity concerns rain on the multicloud parade

Gary Lamb remembers working on one cloud computing migration project so tricky that it was never completed. It’s an object lesson on how the seemingly boundless...