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Carl Menger: The Nature and Origin of Money

In the early stages of trade, when economizing individuals are only slowly awakening to knowledge of the economic gains that can be derived from exploitation...
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S2F Hopium: Report and Twitter Critics Find Flaws With Bitcoin’s Stock-to-Flow Ratio

In mid-April, researched the popular stock-to-flow (S2F), which shows the price of a single bitcoin reaching $55K and even six figures. At the time,...
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Blind Faith in S2F Models: Analysts Question Measuring Bitcoin’s Price With Stock-to-Flow

One of the most bullish charts for predicting the price of bitcoin is the infamous stock-to-flow (S2F) model. The S2F analysis shows the price of...
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Bitcoin Halving Will Drop Inflation Rate Lower Than Central Banks’ 2% Target Reference

When Satoshi Nakamoto invented Bitcoin, the creator designed the protocol to be an inflationary currency, one that is predictable as bitcoin’s inflation always decreases every...