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The Government Can’t Stand Decentralized Innovations Like Bitcoin, so It Tries to Ruin Them

Feeding the homeless, affordable medicine, an easy-to-use gas can design, starting a small business to meet the needs of one’s community — borderless, permissionless P2P...
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Bitcoin and Doomsday Preppers — Would Crypto Have Any Survival Value If SHTF?

As so-called “doomsday prepping” grows in popularity thanks to news of coronavirus lockdown in Chinese cities, red flag gun laws and rampant Fed stimulus in...
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Bitcoin Cash-Accepting Mayoral Candidate ‘Nobody’ Hosts Keene’s 420 Rally

There’s an individual called ‘Nobody’ competing to be the next mayor of Keene, the libertarian enclave and crypto mecca located in New Hampshire. On September...
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Ross Ulbricht Letter Questions the Wisdom of Imprisoning Non-Violent Offenders

Forced to spend the rest of his days in a cage, Ross Ulbricht has recounted his situation in a letter, which explains how he’s spent...