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Trump cools trade war by lifting North American metal tariffs | US news

The Trump administration moved to cool the simmering trade war with its major trading partners on Friday, ending tariffs on metal imports from Canada and
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Our Value of Money Is Subjective But That Doesn’t Make It Meaningless

In my last op-ed, I discussed how the value we place on items and goods is subjective based on Carl Menger’s Subjective Theory of Value
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US-China trade war: all you need to know about Trump’s tariffs | US news

Donald Trump has raised the stakes in the simmering US-China trade war, imposing higher tariffs on $200bn worth of Chinese goods. Here are the answers
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US-China trade deal: tariffs set to rise when deadline passes but talks to continue – Business live | Business

4.19am BST04:19 Phillip Inman Earlier, Phillip Inman reported that President Xi Jinping sent a message to Trump that he would talk to his US counterpart
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Mozilla Launches Election Toolkit To Combat Voter Manipulation in 2019

Mozilla, known widely for their web browser ‘Firefox’  launches it’s Firefox EU Elections Toolkit, a toolkit designed to help promote online transparency and combat voter