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Carl Menger: The Nature and Origin of Money

In the early stages of trade, when economizing individuals are only slowly awakening to knowledge of the economic gains that can be derived from exploitation...
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From Buenos Aires to Beirut – Covid-19 Excuse Restricts Millions of Citizens from Withdrawing Their Own Money

The coronavirus and the government-induced lockdowns have wreaked havoc on the global economy and millions of people can’t access their own money. Reports from financial...
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US unemployment surges to 14.7% as record 20m Americans lose jobs in April | Business

More than 20 million people in the US lost their jobs in April and the unemployment rate more than trebled as the coronavirus pandemic shuttered...
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US Central Bank Blamed for 2020 Financial Crash: ‘The Fed Is Lawless Economic Government Unto Itself’

The last two months dealing with the coronavirus outbreak have been strange, to say the least, and as data rolls in more people are becoming...
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Famed Economist Speaks: ‘US Coronavirus Bailout Scam,’ American Imperialism, De-Dollarization

During the last few weeks, the world has been dealing with the coronavirus outbreak. These days, however, many of the world’s citizens are growing more...
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The Greatest Wealth Transfer: Economists Predict the Emergence of New Bitcoin Millionaires, BTC Capturing 3% of Gold Market

The global economy has been feeling the hardships from the mandated lockdowns various nation states have implemented during the last month and a half. Oil...
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$2K per Month for Every American: Andrew Yang Begs Congress to Pass Basic Income

While most of the U.S. remains on lockdown, a few states across the nation are starting to open up businesses and lift restrictions. Meanwhile, politicians...
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Digital Yuan to Fuel China’s Economic Reign – McDonald’s, Starbucks, Subway Test PBoC’s Cryptocurrency

China’s economy is the second-largest in the world and economists believe the country may someday bring a new global order and end the Western hemisphere’s...
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‘Boomer Generation’ In for a Rude Awakening – Macro Economist Predicts $1M Bitcoin by 2025

Just recently, a report from Global Macro Investor (GMI) called “The Unfolding” claims that the world is experiencing the biggest economic event that hasn’t been...