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Edge paul puey Privacy & security

Video: Paul Puey on Edge Wallet and Bitcoin Privacy

After becoming involved in the Bitcoin space in 2013, Paul Puey founded a unique and innovative wallet called Airbitz. Even at the time, the focus...
AI artificial intelligence Edge inference Infra Jetson Xavier NX Machine Learning MLPerf Network Edge NEWS nvidia supercomputer Top Stories Top Story 3

Nvidia announces Jetson Xavier NX chipset for running AI at the network edge

Nvidia Corp. wants to play a bigger role in enabling artificial intelligence at the network edge with the launch of Jetson Xavier NX, which it...
BIP70 Bitcoin Core Wallet Bitnovo BitPay Blockchain Wallet brd btc Controversy copay Core Development Crypto Community debate development discussion Edge Electrum Exodus Gavin Andresen Google http/https Incompatibility Invoices maximalists mike hearn mycelium NEWS Payment processor Payment Protocol X.509 certificate

Devs Remove BIP70 Payment Protocol From Bitcoin Core’s Default Settings

Cryptocurrency advocates have recently discovered that Bitcoin Core (BTC) developers are planning to disable the payment protocol BIP70 supported by default in the Bitcoin Core...
Apps Cloud Edge edge of network Joya Communications Inc. marco polo Michal Bortnik Mobile App NEWS real time scaling social app Top Stories Top Story 2 video app video chat Vlada Bortnik

Scaling up video chat at the edge: Marco Polo builds for quality of friendships, not quantity

In a world of endless social media platforms, how does a video chat app stand out? Skip the gimmicks and focus on the technology to...
#theCube Amazon Web Services Inc. AWS Cloud cloud migration Cube Event Coverage Edge Mark Lohmeyer multicloud NEWS public cloud Virtual Machine VMware Cloud on AWS VMware Inc vmworld VMworld 2019

Q&A: VMware’s delicately balanced partnership with AWS brings modernization to migration

In the world of hybrid cloud computing, VMware Cloud on AWS has proven to be a beneficial partnership. While managing its services on the AWS...
Cloud Edge hybrid cloud hyperscale SD-WAN Infra load balancer multicloud2019 networks NEWS SD-WAN software-defined Telco Top Stories Top Story 2 virtual cloud network VMware wide-area networks

VMware debuts new virtual cloud network tools to support multicloud deployments

VMware Inc. is building out its portfolio of software-defined wide-area network tools as part of an effort to advance its vision of a “virtual cloud...