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Litecoin’s Charlie Lee: Decentralized Crypto ‘Must Be Susceptible to 51% Attacks’Litecoin’s Charlie Lee: Decentralized Crypto ‘Must Be Susceptible to 51% Attacks’

A decentralized cryptocurrency is by definition vulnerable to 51 percent attacks, the creator of Litecoin (LTC) Charlie Lee stated in a tweet Jan. 7. In the wake of recent...
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Following attack, Coinbase and Kraken suspend Ethereum Classic trading

Coinbase Inc. and Kraken have suspended trading of the Ethereum Classic after a “51 percent” attack caused dual transactions to appear on the cryptocurrency’s blockchain....
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Ethereum Classic (ETC) Developers Deny 51% Attack, Double Spend

Cryptocurrency, Ethereum Classic (ETC)–In a bizarre twist for the story developing around Ethereum Classic, developers for the ETC token are now making the claim that...
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Ethereum Classic (ETC) Hit by Double-Spend Attack Worth $1.1 Million

Popular cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has suspended all transactions of Ethereum Classic (ETC)—the original unforked version of the Ethereum network—on their trading platforms, other products and...