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Many Facial-Recognition Systems Are Biased, Says U.S. Study

The majority of commercial facial-recognition systems exhibit bias, according to a study from a federal agency released on Thursday, underscoring questions about a technology increasingly...
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Australia Proposes Face Scans for Watching Online Pornography

The Australian government has proposed using a facial recognition system it is developing to verify that people who seek to watch pornography online are of...
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In Hong Kong Protests, Faces Become Weapons

The police grabbed Mr. Cheung 11 days after the Telegram channel was created, accusing him of administering it. They also accused him of posting a...
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Facial Recognition Tech Is Growing Stronger, Thanks to Your Face

SAN FRANCISCO — Dozens of databases of people’s faces are being compiled without their knowledge by companies and researchers, with many of the images then...
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ICE Used Facial Recognition to Mine State Driver’s License Databases

WASHINGTON — Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials have mined state driver’s license databases using facial recognition technology, analyzing millions of motorists’ photos without their knowledge....
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The Man Behind San Francisco’s Facial Recognition Ban Is Working on More. Way More.

SAN FRANCISCO — As San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors prepared to vote Tuesday on an ordinance forbidding city agencies to use facial recognition technology, some...
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Amazon Is Pushing Facial Technology That a Study Says Could Be Biased

Over the last two years, Amazon has aggressively marketed its facial recognition technology to police departments and federal agencies as a service to help law...