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52f1ee66-7707-5cf2-ac54-bc27a7f6c7fd Article fnc fnc/politics Fox News fox-news/politics/2020-presidential-election fox-news/politics/elections/campaigning fox-news/politics/elections/fundraising fox-news/politics/elections/republicans Gregg Re

RNC raises record-setting $23.5M in August, as GOP momentum builds

EXCLUSIVE: The Republican National Committee (RNC) is expected to announce this week that it raised a record-setting $23.5 million in August and had $53.8 million cash on hand...
121c2084-0c20-5890-9976-90412dea68bc Article Bradford Betz fnc fnc/politics Fox News fox-news/person/donald-trump fox-news/politics/executive/white-house fox-news/politics/foreign-policy/middle-east fox-news/world/conflicts/iran fox-news/world/world-regions/middle-east fox-news/world/world-regions/saudi-arabia

Trump: US ‘locked and loaded’ against attackers of Saudi oil facility ‘depending on verification’

President Trump on Sunday suggested U.S. investigators had “reason to believe” they knew who launched crippling attacks against a key Saudi oil facility, and vowed that...
0267ace6-0bf9-5db0-993c-587396ee056d Article fnc fnc/politics Fox News fox-news/person/bernie-sanders fox-news/person/joe-biden fox-news/politics/2020-presidential-election fox-news/politics/elections Sam Dorman

Biden, Sanders continue sparring on health care after third debate

Former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., have kept up their debate over health care following their spat during Thursday night’s Democratic...
Article b4f1d4f7-a3cd-53bd-ab9f-be528578db61 fnc fnc/politics Fox News fox-news/person/cory-booker fox-news/politics fox-news/politics/2020-presidential-election fox-news/politics/elections fox-news/politics/elections/presidential-debate Paul Steinhauser

Booker says ‘no’ when asked if Americans should follow his vegan diet

If he’s elected to the White House, Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey would become the nation’s first vegan president. But that doesn’t mean he...
9c29e70d-9eb7-59d1-820c-f5a7d8d5231b Article Ben Evansky fnc fnc/politics Fox News fox-news/person/ted-cruz fox-news/world/united-nations fox-news/world/world-regions/asia fox-news/world/world-regions/china

Sen. Cruz urges Trump administration to block China’s next UN power play

Sen. Ted Cruz is calling on the Trump administration to block China from installing a controversial former head of the Hong Kong police force at the helm...
300b5284-35b9-5e14-8f4c-924424e0cd03 Article Bill Mears fnc fnc/politics Fox News fox-news/person/donald-trump fox-news/politics/judiciary/supreme-court fox-news/politics/justice-department fox-news/us/immigration Shannon Bream

DOJ asks Supreme Court to allow enforcement of Trump’s asylum restrictions

The Supreme Court is considering an emergency appeal from the Justice Department that would allow them to enforce, for now, the Trump administration’s ban on...
2bf4469a-cb31-57cb-87f9-1f0d868a64b6 Article Dom Calicchio fnc fnc/politics Fox News fox-news/politics/elections/campaigning/trump-2020-campaign fox-news/politics/elections/republicans fox-news/politics/executive/first-family

Trump family ‘dynasty’ will ‘last for decades,’ 2020 campaign chief says

President Trump and his family represent a political movement with the potential of transforming the Republican Party, according to Brad Parscale, manager of the president’s...
Article d3d51181-a4cd-51db-a135-e135d9587097 Dom Calicchio fnc fnc/politics Fox News fox-news/politics/2020-house-races fox-news/politics/elections/campaigning/trump-2020-campaign fox-news/us/us-regions/west/california

GOP plans California comeback in 2020, Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale says at state convention

Trump 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale insisted Saturday that the GOP hasn’t given up on California despite setbacks at the polls there in 2018. “We have...
51f3e5fa-12de-5b86-8b14-cc30ed009d78 Adam Shaw Article fnc fnc/politics Fox News fox-news/person/mitch-mcconnell fox-news/politics fox-news/politics/executive/white-house fox-news/us/crime/mass-murder fox-news/us/personal-freedoms/second-amendment fox-news/us/us-regions/southwest/texas

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick ‘willing to take an arrow’ in bucking NRA on background checks

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said Friday he is “willing to take an arrow” as he pushed back on the National Rifle Association and joined...
8e7b8763-c296-530e-bce0-477a4d00ca65 Article fnc fnc/politics Fox News fox-news/person/donald-trump fox-news/politics/executive/homeland-security fox-news/politics/executive/white-house fox-news/us/disasters/refugees fox-news/us/immigration Melissa Leon

Trump administration may consider fresh cutback to refugee cap, official says

The Trump administration may consider a making significant reduction to the number of refugees admitted into the U.S. beginning next month due to a massive backlog of more than 900,000...
18ef3df3-d21b-5c1c-a628-185e38bf499c Article fnc fnc/politics Fox News fox-news/person/donald-trump fox-news/politics/executive/white-house fox-news/science/planet-earth/natural-disasters/hurricane-dorian fox-news/us/disasters/hurricanes-typhoons fox-news/us/us-regions/southeast/alabama Melissa Leon

Weather agency now backs Trump, says Dorian could have impacted Alabama

The federal agency that monitors hurricanes said Friday that Hurricane Dorian could have impacted Alabama, backing claims by President Trump that he was right to tweet a warning over the weekend...
62dcaad1-936e-5adc-9ddd-436d5c8ef48e Article fnc fnc/politics Fox News fox-news/person/donald-trump fox-news/politics/senate/republicans fox-news/science/planet-earth/natural-disasters/hurricane-dorian fox-news/us/us-regions/southeast/florida fox-news/world/disasters/hurricanes-typhoons Louis Casiano

Rubio, Scott ask Trump to waive visa requirements for Bahamians to seek refuge in US

Florida Sens. Marco Rubio and Rick Scott on Wednesday asked President Trump to waive visa requirements for Bahamians affected by the shattering blow of Hurricane Dorian....