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Richard Goodstein on AOC remarks: Nancy Pelosi is the speaker because of moderate Dems

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is in the position she’s in because of moderate congressional districts flipping from Republican to Democrat, according to former Clinton adviser Richard
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RNC Chairwoman on Trump 2020 chances: ‘Way too early’ to check polls, Scott Walker was ‘leading’ in 2015

President Trump’s slumping support in some hypothetical 2020 matchups is not cause for concern as the election approaches, according to the RNC chairwoman. Ronna McDaniel downplayed the
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Dems want to nuke DOJ policy barring presidential prosecutions

Special Counsel Robert Mueller said last month that charging President Trump with a crime “was not an option we could consider” because of the Justice Department
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Toronto Raptors urged by mayor to visit Ottawa over Washington: ‘Forget the White House’

close Video Fox News Flash top headlines for June 17 Fox News Flash top headlines for June 17 are here. Check out what’s clicking on
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Trump’s admiration for ‘slaveowner’ Jackson halted Tubman $20 bill, CNN host suggests

CNN anchor Don Lemon heavily implied Friday night that President Trump halted plans for placing abolitionist Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill by expressing admiration
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Lindsey Graham: Russia ‘collusion narrative died with the Mueller report,’ ‘corruption’ case growing

The narrative that President Trump colluded with Russia “died” with the Mueller report’s release, but the case alleging corruption in the origins of the probe
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Trump names immigration hardliner Cuccinelli as acting head of USCIS

Former Virginia Attorney General Kenneth Cuccinelli was named as the new acting director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (AP/Richmond Times-Dispatch) The Trump administration has
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Ben Shapiro: Trump’s Normandy media coverage ‘preset’ to deny president ‘full victory’

President Trump was rightfully praised for his D-Day speech, but the press coverage was still “preset” to disallow him “full victory,” according to Ben Shapiro.
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Tucker Carlson: Nothing about the ‘Resistance’ to Trump has made our democracy better. They’ve shredded it.

Every president since George Washington has faced political opposition — every single one of them. And that’s the point of our system. Democracies are built
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Devin Nunes: James Comey, Andrew McCabe make J. Edgar Hoover ‘look like a saint’

Former FBI Director James Comey’s and his deputy’s allegedly partisan actions during the bureau’s Russia investigation make its controversial inaugural director “look like a saint,”