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Article ce76c0a3-87d2-53e5-b3e7-2b557f64c08f fnc fnc/opinion Fox News fox-news/opinion fox-news/person/joe-biden fox-news/politics/2020-presidential-election fox-news/politics/judiciary/abortion Penny Young Nance

Penny Nance: On abortion, Joe Biden has abandoned his conscience in a desperate search for votes

Democratic presidential contender Joe Biden gave the nation whiplash this week as he equivocated back and forth before settling on the extreme position that taxpayers
Article e435f6a0-072c-5d9c-b194-f5b4fc90b30a fnc fnc/politics Fox News fox-news/person/joe-biden fox-news/politics fox-news/politics/2020-presidential-election fox-news/topic/green-new-deal fox-news/us/environment/climate-change Paul Steinhauser

Biden unveils sweeping climate change plan using Green New Deal as framework, after AOC criticism

Warning that “we must take drastic action now to address the climate disaster facing the nation and our world,” former Vice President Joe Biden on
9f6630de-b99d-56be-8a35-a426c62c4354 Article fnc fnc/entertainment Fox News fox-news/entertainment fox-news/entertainment/media fox-news/entertainment/politics-on-late-night fox-news/person/joe-biden fox-news/topic/fox-news-flash Joseph Wulfsohn

Bill Maher says Biden candidacy worries him: ‘Joe doesn’t look good’

Don’t count “Real Time” host Bill Maher as an enthusiastic passenger on the Joe Biden train for 2020 just yet. The liberal Maher expressed concerns on Friday’s
46b64859-15f2-5ff8-8752-84b2f04ee364 Article David Montanaro fnc fnc/politics Fox News fox-news/entertainment/media fox-news/person/joe-biden fox-news/politics/2020-presidential-election fox-news/shows/fox-friends fox-news/topic/fox-news-flash

‘Fox & Friends’ calls out Biden’s 2007 stance against sanctuary cities: ‘Sure sounds a lot like Donald Trump’

In a previous bid for the presidency, then-Sen. Joe Biden’s stance on illegal immigration sounded a lot like President Trump’s current views, the hosts of “Fox
0a0811d4-3efa-50a4-bf99-dc851c2c9a4f Article fnc fnc/politics Fox News fox-news/person/alexandria-ocasio-cortez fox-news/person/joe-biden fox-news/politics/2020-presidential-election fox-news/us/environment/climate-change Lukas Mikelionis

Ocasio-Cortez assails Biden’s ‘middle ground’ climate change plan, says it’s ‘dealbreaker’

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez slammed former Vice President Joe Biden’s “middle ground” climate change plan that is yet to be released, saying it’s a “dealbreaker” for
52380fbc-1a6e-5e17-b564-50d00e5bfa77 Article Charles Creitz fnc fnc/politics Fox News fox-news/person/donald-trump fox-news/person/joe-biden fox-news/politics/executive/white-house fox-news/shows/fox-news-night fox-news/topic/fox-news-flash fox-news/world/conflicts/ukraine

Giuliani cancels Ukraine trip, says he’d be ‘walking into a group of people that are enemies of the US’

Rudy Giuliani, President Trump’s personal attorney, said Friday on “Fox News @ Night” that he will not be traveling to Ukraine as previously announced. Giuliani,
34a65475-494b-55ac-8dbf-16c82591bebc Article fnc fnc/politics Fox News fox-news/columns/media-buzz fox-news/person/bernie-sanders fox-news/person/joe-biden fox-news/person/kamala-harris fox-news/person/pete-buttigieg fox-news/politics/2020-presidential-election fox-news/politics/elections/democrats Howard Kurtz

Kamala Harris says media favor white males as strongest in 2020

All the Democratic candidates not named Joe are facing a dilemma: How do they foster the impression that they’ve got just as good a shot
4cef8589-9ca9-5fa4-9b1b-8356ce342b06 Article fnc fnc/opinion Fox News fox-news/opinion fox-news/person/joe-biden fox-news/politics/2020-presidential-election fox-news/shows/ingraham-angle/transcript/lauras-monologue fox-news/us/infrastructure-across-america Laura Ingraham

Laura Ingraham: What Tuesday’s showdown between Pelosi and Schumer and Trump is really about

On Tuesday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer return to the White House for a meeting with President Trump. This time it’s
Article f4f64e10-596c-5f69-ad2f-77adf3a62523 fnc fnc/politics Fox News fox-news/person/joe-biden fox-news/politics/2020-presidential-election fox-news/topic/fox-news-flash Victor Garcia

Geraldo Rivera: Joe Biden is Democrats’ ‘best hope’ to galvanize African-American voters

Fox News correspondent-at-large Geraldo Rivera said former Vice President Joe Biden was the “best hope” for Democrats to galvanize African-American voters in the 2020 presidential campaign. “I think that