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17da16b0-01bd-5851-82af-655a0213ca58 Article fnc fnc/politics Fox News fox-news/person/donald-trump fox-news/politics/2020-presidential-election fox-news/politics/elections/campaigning fox-news/politics/elections/republicans fox-news/us/us-regions/southeast/florida Gregg Re

Trump launches 2020 re-election bid in jam-packed Orlando arena

President Trump formally launched his 2020 re-election campaign Tuesday night before a jam-packed crowd in Orlando’s Amway Center arena, and quickly unloaded on the media organizations and
7e7e2c0f-3ab1-57fc-810b-e75ce6381919 Article fnc fnc/opinion Fox News fox-news/opinion fox-news/politics fox-news/politics/2020-presidential-election fox-news/politics/house-of-representatives/democrats fox-news/politics/socialism tom emmer

NRCC Chairman Tom Emmer: Republicans, we must take socialism seriously – or we will really regret it

When the National Republican Congressional Committee identified the 55 districts we are targeting to regain the majority, our mandate was to make the 2020 election
95776eb1-7b13-5360-9bf2-82d93f3ecbdf Article Charles Creitz fnc fnc/politics Fox News fox-news/entertainment/media fox-news/person/bernie-sanders fox-news/person/donald-trump fox-news/person/elizabeth-warren fox-news/person/joe-biden fox-news/person/pete-buttigieg fox-news/politics/2020-presidential-election fox-news/politics/elections/democrats fox-news/politics/elections/polls fox-news/topic/fox-news-flash

RNC Chairwoman on Trump 2020 chances: ‘Way too early’ to check polls, Scott Walker was ‘leading’ in 2015

President Trump’s slumping support in some hypothetical 2020 matchups is not cause for concern as the election approaches, according to the RNC chairwoman. Ronna McDaniel downplayed the
Article d614ee72-1f00-54b5-a308-b1aeed956be9 fnc fnc/politics Fox News fox-news/person/elizabeth-warren fox-news/politics/2020-presidential-election fox-news/politics/elections/democrats fox-news/politics/regulation/media fox-news/shows/outnumbered Nick Givas

Ed Henry and ‘Outnumbered’ break down 2020 Democratic presidential field

Fox News chief national correspondent Ed Henry broke down the format for the 2020 Democratic presidential debates Friday and said Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., is the biggest beneficiary
09243f88-c81a-5604-afcd-7d9d8faebd0a Article Danielle Wallace fnc fnc/tech Fox News fox-news/newsedge/politics fox-news/person/adam-schiff fox-news/person/devin-nunes fox-news/person/mark-zuckerberg fox-news/person/nancy-pelosi fox-news/politics/2020-presidential-election fox-news/tech/companies/facebook

‘Deepfake’ videos, other tech could threaten 2020 election, Dems fear

The House Intelligence Committee heard from artificial intelligence experts in a meeting Thursday over the potential threat “deepfake” technology could pose on America’s national security
Article ce76c0a3-87d2-53e5-b3e7-2b557f64c08f fnc fnc/opinion Fox News fox-news/opinion fox-news/person/joe-biden fox-news/politics/2020-presidential-election fox-news/politics/judiciary/abortion Penny Young Nance

Penny Nance: On abortion, Joe Biden has abandoned his conscience in a desperate search for votes

Democratic presidential contender Joe Biden gave the nation whiplash this week as he equivocated back and forth before settling on the extreme position that taxpayers
Article e435f6a0-072c-5d9c-b194-f5b4fc90b30a fnc fnc/politics Fox News fox-news/person/joe-biden fox-news/politics fox-news/politics/2020-presidential-election fox-news/topic/green-new-deal fox-news/us/environment/climate-change Paul Steinhauser

Biden unveils sweeping climate change plan using Green New Deal as framework, after AOC criticism

Warning that “we must take drastic action now to address the climate disaster facing the nation and our world,” former Vice President Joe Biden on
Article b45c0e57-981e-508f-92cb-d2a1ff1c06ba fnc fnc/politics Fox News fox-news/person/kirsten-gillibrand fox-news/politics/2020-presidential-election fox-news/topic/fox-news-flash Victor Garcia

Gillibrand on calling for Al Franken to resign: ‘I was not going to remain silent’

Democratic presidential candidate Kirsten Gillibrand defended her call in 2017 for former Minnesota Senator Al Franken to resign amid sexual misconduct allegations, saying during a Fox
77682fb0-cf30-5576-8c48-77f893abd2d9 Article Brie Stimson fnc fnc/politics Fox News fox-news/person/kamala-harris fox-news/politics/2020-presidential-election fox-news/politics/state-and-local fox-news/us/us-regions/west/california

Kamala Harris protester interrupted Bernie Sanders rally in 2016, report says

A protester who grabbed the microphone from U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris on Saturday at the California Democratic Party State Convention reportedly also interrupted a Bernie Sanders rally