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Coronavirus stay-at-home orders stir protests nationwide amid fears of economic collapse

Get all the latest news on coronavirus and more delivered daily to your inbox. Sign up here.   At least 15,000 cars and trucks are expected...
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Colorado’s Jared Polis posts photo of pit bull at governor’s mansion days after Denver mayor approves ban

The governor of Colorado found himself in an awkward situation after he posted what his office called a poorly timed tweet following the Denver mayor’s veto of...
a9c78581-658c-55a6-b148-df03dc7ed47a Arian Campo-Flores Article fnc fnc/us fox-news/politics/elections/local fox-news/politics/state-and-local/controversies fox-news/politics/state-and-local/issues fox-news/us/us-regions/southeast/florida Jon Kamp the wall street journal

Florida sees confusion a year after allowing convicted felons to vote

More than a year after Florida voters approved a constitutional amendment restoring voting rights to an estimated 1.4 million people with felony convictions, widespread confusion...
61732b4a-a873-5ed3-958b-437eb39d192c Adam Shaw Article fnc fnc/politics Fox News fox-news/person/donald-trump fox-news/politics/state-and-local/controversies fox-news/travel/vacation-destinations/washington-dc

National Archives apologizes for blurring anti-Trump signs in Women’s March photo: ‘We made a mistake’

The National Archives on Saturday apologized for blurring out signs in a photograph of the 2017 Women’s March in Washington, D.C., showcased at the museum —...
4f05e247-e38d-5088-b1a5-5a59dda15e39 Article fnc fnc/entertainment Fox News fox-news/opinion/media fox-news/politics/state-and-local/controversies fox-news/shows/jeopardy fox-news/tech/companies/twitter fox-news/world/world-regions/israel Joseph Wulfsohn

‘Jeopardy!’ walks back ‘Nativity’ clue after ‘Israel,’ ‘Palestine’ responses spark controversy

“Jeopardy!” offered a rare “correction” this week following the controversy surrounding a clue it gave about the location of a world-famous church where the Nativity scene took place. On Friday’s...
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Harvard Law professor sues New York Times alleging ‘clickbait defamation’

A Harvard Law School professor filed a lawsuit against The New York Times over what he describes as “clickbait defamation” over a piece he wrote...
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Bill Maher defends Katie Hill, complains Democrats ‘always resign’ while Republicans don’t

“Real Time” host Bill Maher went to bat Friday night for outgoing Rep. Katie Hill, D-Calif., saying she “could’ve survived” her scandals, and complained that...
Article f879a35b-3476-5a3b-b9c4-2df7154e1ea7 fnc fnc/politics Fox News fox-news/media fox-news/politics/house-of-representatives/democrats fox-news/politics/state-and-local/controversies fox-news/us/us-regions/west/california Joseph Wulfsohn

Rep. Katie Hill fights back amid claims she was involved in romantic ‘throuple’ with staffer

Rep. Katie Hill, D-Calif., spoke out Tuesday amid claims she was having an affair and was taking part in an arranged “throuple,” or a three-person couple, with...
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Chicago police introduce Gun Offender Dashboard, new online tool to track suspects

A new online tool seeks to call attention to what officials have identified as a cause of gun violence in Chicago, where more people are...
a7c2024e-2425-5c78-8383-a28af1a856fa Article fnc fnc/politics Fox News fox-news/person/donald-trump fox-news/politics/regulation/media fox-news/politics/state-and-local/controversies fox-news/politics/state-and-local/issues fox-news/us/crime/police-and-law-enforcement fox-news/us/immigration/enforcement fox-news/us/immigration/illegal-immigrants fox-news/us/us-regions/west/california Nick Givas

LA Mayor Eric Garcetti releases video directed at illegal immigrants amid ICE raids: ‘We are in this together’

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti released a Twitter video Saturday explaining why he and the city’s government won’t be cooperating with federal Immigration and Customs...
942ff134-0268-540a-bcfd-cfb8c871576f Article fnc fnc/politics Fox News fox-news/politics/state-and-local/controversies fox-news/politics/state-and-local/governors fox-news/us/us-regions/northeast/new-hampshire Louis Casiano

New Hampshire lawmakers repeal death penalty with override of governor’s veto

New Hampshire became the 21st state to abolish the death penalty Thursday after the state Senate voted to override Republican Gov. Chris Sununu’s veto of legislation to repeal capital...
1d50303f-bd6e-5793-a664-3c5f388b1c13 Article fnc fnc/politics Fox News fox-news/politics/judiciary/abortion fox-news/politics/state-and-local/controversies fox-news/us/us-regions/southeast/alabama Joseph Wulfsohn

Alabama Dem attacks Trump Jr. with slur after abortion comments spark outcry

The Democrat from Alabama who sparked outrage with his remarks defending abortion attacked Donald Trump Jr. saying he’s “proof” that mothers should have the right...
4f363dd9-1f33-510d-8381-42547918f072 Article fnc fnc/politics Fox News fox-news/politics/executive/health-care fox-news/politics/judiciary/federal-courts fox-news/politics/judiciary/state-and-local fox-news/politics/state-and-local/controversies Samuel Chamberlain

Federal judge blocks Medicaid work rules in setback for Trump

A federal judge in Washington blocked specific Medicaid work requirements in Arkansas and Kentucky.  (AP, File) A federal judge in Washington blocked specific Medicaid work requirements in...