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2cffefcc-187f-5c54-a701-acd5b918189b Article Daniel Turner fnc fnc/opinion Fox News fox-news/opinion fox-news/politics fox-news/sports fox-news/us/education/college fox-news/us/environment/climate-change

Daniel Turner: Harvard-Yale game climate protests – Here’s what was really accomplished

Climate change protests continue to hit new levels of stupidity.  And annoyance. A growing number of seemingly incongruous stunts are interrupting our lives. In Washington, D.C....
16712aaa-c663-545b-988d-fb9221ee2ef0 Article fnc fnc/media Fox News fox-news/media fox-news/media/fox-news-flash fox-news/person/lebron-james fox-news/sports fox-news/sports/nba/houston-rockets fox-news/world/world-regions/china Joshua Nelson

LeBron James ‘showed he sold his soul’ by slamming Daryl Morey for Hong Kong tweet, Miranda Devine says

New York Post columnist Miranda Devine said Tuesday that NBA star LeBron James has “shown that he has sold his soul for money” after James criticized...
Article fafdf512-8b09-50fe-abcb-638c9fa481ab fnc fnc/opinion Fox News fox-news/opinion fox-news/sports fox-news/sports/nfl fox-news/sports/nfl/buffalo-bills fox-news/topic/world-war-two fox-news/us/military/veterans Marv Levy

Coach Marv Levy: NFL honors World War II ‘Greatest Generation’ – Each team has its own connection to war

I recently returned to the great city of Buffalo, New York, for the annual Buffalo Bills Legends Weekend. It’s a special time for me, with the organization...
18a78a0f-e834-53ac-bf78-1da0cceabede Article Charles Creitz fnc fnc/media Fox News fox-news/media fox-news/media/fox-news-flash fox-news/politics/foreign-policy/human-rights fox-news/sports fox-news/sports/nba fox-news/sports/nba/houston-rockets fox-news/world/world-regions/china

NBA’s controversy with China is all about money, shouldn’t be surprising to anyone, Jesse Watters says

The controversy over the National Basketball Association and China intensified Monday in part because of the financial factor involved, according to Jesse Watters. The NBA — which apologized...
190307b4-efd2-58be-b22c-80895cf78c44 Article Dan Gainor fnc fnc/opinion Fox News fox-news/opinion fox-news/opinion/media fox-news/person/donald-trump fox-news/person/megan-rapinoe fox-news/person/mitch-mcconnell fox-news/politics fox-news/sports fox-news/us/immigration/illegal-immigrants

Dan Gainor: Media demonize Trump on immigration, embrace Rapinoe for kicking him around

Much of the media spent the week continuing to demonize President Trump and federal law enforcement officers for doing their jobs – enforcing our nation’s...
71d55eee-44e2-54c9-8248-a30174b12d12 Article Caleb Parke fnc fnc/entertainment Fox News fox-news/entertainment/celebrity-news fox-news/faith-values/faith fox-news/person/tim-tebow fox-news/sports

Sister of Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, Tim Tebow’s fiance, died suddenly at 13

Tim Tebow and his fiance, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, suffered a tragic loss this weekend. Nel-Peters’ 13-year-old sister, Franje, who brought the couple together through Tebow’s “Night...