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Software Engineer Reveals Oracle Creation Platform for Bitcoin Cash

On September 23, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) developer Gabriel Cardona revealed a project called, a platform he constructed at the Wyohackathon. The application allows anyone...
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Bitcoin Cash Innovation Accelerates With Cashscript High-Level Language

Software developers Rosco Kalis and Gabriel Cardona have been steadily working on Cashscript, a high-level programming language for Bitcoin Cash. When the language is tied...
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North Queensland’s Bitcoin Cash City Is Hosting a BCH-Focused Conference

A BCH-centric two day event is coming to North Queensland Australia, dubbed the Bitcoin Cash City conference, on Sep. 4-5, 2019. The massive Australian state...
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Cashscript Is Coming, Bringing Ethereum-Like Smart Contracts to Bitcoin Cash

On May 27, the analytics and data web portal Coin Dance announced the team has added the Cashscript project to the website’s development tracker. Cashscript...
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Bitcoin Cash Protocol Successfully Upgrades — Schnorr Signatures Are Here

The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) chain has officially upgraded, adding Schnorr signatures and the Segwit recovery exemption. As of block 582680, the chain has implemented the...
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Lots of Building on BCH as’s REST Layer Sees Millions of Requests

Over the last year, has released a robust Bitcoin Cash (BCH) developer platform loaded with programming tools like Bitbox as well as the newly...
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Over the last few weeks, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) fans have been creating and sharing a bunch of customized Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) tokens. There’s now...
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BCH-Powered Badger Wallet Now Connects to a Variety of Blockchain Apps

Since its inception, the bitcoin cash (BCH) light client Badger Wallet has become one of the most versatile BCH platforms. Over the last few weeks,...
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Query the Bitcoin Cash Blockchain With’s Dedicated Bitdb Node

Promoted Over six months ago, launched a dedicated development page for programmers working on the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network. More recently, our web portal...