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Targeted ads offer little extra value for online publishers, study suggests

How much value do online publishers derive from behaviorally targeted advertising that uses privacy-hostile tracking technologies to determine which advert to show a website user?
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Any place you see “Smart” in front there is a “Centre” behind it, Garry Connolly, 2019

By Garry Connolly, CEO Host In Ireland  Latest research from Host In Ireland’s Q.1 report has revealed data centre investment is on course to exceed
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Why carriers keep your data longer

Your wireless carrier knows where you are as you read this on your phone — otherwise, it couldn’t connect your phone in the first place.
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What is the EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum doing? – Irish Tech News

Politicians and policy makers all around Europe (and the world) try to implement digital solutions and new technologies to improve governmental services. One of the
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A year on, EU’s GDPR hasn’t changed data governance practices much, studies find

With the first anniversary of Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation coming late next month, a pair of new studies find that the law’s onerous penalties for
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Circular Data Solutions – Irish Tech News

Guest post from Circular Data Solutions. Our increasingly digital lives are creating volumes of data on a daily basis that have never been seen before.
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Covert data-scraping on watch as EU DPA lays down “radical” GDPR red-line

An interesting decision came out of Poland’s data protection agency this week after the watchdog issued its first fine under Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation
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Io-Tahoe upgrades data catalog to spot and tag personal info in data streams

Io-Tahoe LLC, a unit of British utility giant Centrica PLC, today is enhancing its machine learning-driven data catalog with features that it says can discover
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EU gov’t and public health sites lousy with adtech, study finds

A study of tracking cookies running on government and public sector health websites in the European Union has found commercial adtech to be operating pervasively
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Online platforms need a super regulator and public interest tests for mergers, says UK parliament report

The latest policy recommendations for regulating powerful Internet platforms comes from a U.K. House of Lord committee that’s calling for an overarching digital regulator to