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White House chiefs propose a more ‘flexible’ approach to AI regulation

The White House is urging federal agencies to consider carefully any regulatory actions they take on artificial intelligence technology, saying they should attempt to establish...
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Agile enterprise development doesn’t necessarily mean a free pass on governance

When the designers of Monopoly created a “Get Out of Jail Free” card for the iconic board game, the playing tool became synonymous with “getting...
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The Many Facts Pointing to Ian Grigg Being Satoshi

Financial cryptographer. Cypherpunk. Inventor of Ricardian contracts and early utilizer of triple-entry accounting systems, which would later be exemplified in Bitcoin. Ian Grigg may have...
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Alation grows revenue and enterprise users through analytics-driven data cataloging

When the internet was taking off in the 1990s, finding a web page was an exercise in time and patience. Then search engines, such as...